What is a Viewing?

March 6, 2020

At the viewing, the body of the deceased person (which could have been embalmed) is placed on display in a coffin or casket.
At the viewing, the friends and relatives pay their respects to the deceased, allowing them to assist in their grieving process. The viewing often takes place on the Funeral day or
one or two evenings before the funeral.

In addition, a family may choose to display photographs taken of the deceased person during his/her life (often, formal portraits with other family
members and candid pictures to show “happy times”), cherished possessions and other items representing his/her hobbies and/or accomplishments.

The viewing is either “open coffin”, in which the body of the deceased has been clothed and treated with light cosmetics for view; or “closed coffin”, in which the coffin is closed. The coffin may be closed if the family only wants to just sit with them or if the body was too badly damaged because of an accident, fire or from illness/surgery.


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