Call us “We know what to do”
Call us “We know what to do”

The Funeral Experience

The Funeral Experience

“I never want to experience a funeral” is a very common saying amongst most people. No one ever wants to but we have too, it’s all part of our life and we must all be confronted by it-not saying it is going to be easy, but essential for us to all learn and grow from our experience.

So how do we do this….Easy learn more about death , talk about death with family and friends, as one day you could be having to make arrangements for them, just knowing what their wishes are can be a stress-free role as THEY have made the choices.

A loss of a loved one does not need to be a sad or morbid one, it should be a great opportunity to celebrate that person’s life and to learn something new.

What has made society scared of death or the process after death?  After talking to most and explaining to them the process etc, they say-“Gee I did not know that you did that-that is so nice” just because a person has passed does not mean they get treated any different, they deserve dignity and respect.

If your journey through a death assists you to grieve better and you have learnt something new and exciting about the person then you have had a “Good Funeral Experience” and you will not be as stressed if you ever need to do it again.

Our role as Funeral Directors at Brember Family Funerals is to help you gain that good funeral experience and assist you to be better prepared and celebrate their life.

Ask questions don’t be afraid

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