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Call us “We know what to do”

The top benefits of pre-planning your funeral

It's inevitable that one day, all of us will pass away. And for many people, it's something that's not spoken about freely. But it should be!

Death is part of our life cycle and deep down, we all know it will one day be our turn.

That's why pre-planning a funeral is a brilliant idea.

Your family will naturally be grieving when you pass, so their heightened emotions can often make planning a funeral a tough task. As funeral directors, we see this daily, and although we are on hand to help, we often hear people question, 'Is this what they'd want?'.

When you pre-plan your funeral, you're taking away any guesswork for your family members and leaving them with clear instructions on how you'd want your funeral to run. Plus, if you've pre-paid for your funeral, you're taking away the financial burden that many families face when planning a funeral.

Why pre-planning your funeral is a great idea!

1. Less financial pressure on your family

If you've pre-paid your funeral, your family won't need to find the funds for your funeral. We've seen families in turmoil as they want to give their loved one the best farewell possible, but are unsure of how to pay for it. When your funeral is pre-paid, you'll ease some stress on your family during this difficult time. At Brember Family Funerals, we offer either full up-front pre-paid funerals or the option of paying regular instalments into a Funeral Bond Plan. You can find out more information here.

2. You can organise it at any stage

You can start planning your funeral at any age, regardless of your health and current situation. When you arrange a pre-paid funeral, the funds are held in an independent trust account until the time of your death (so you can rest easy knowing your funds are safe). You can also start paying a payment plan at any stage. If you pass before you've paid the entire amount, your family will only need to cover the remaining portion that's required.

3. You can arrange your entire funeral

If you have ideas on how you want your funeral to run, you can plan this with your funeral director. You can decide on where you want your service held (church, chapel etc.), the music you'd like, if you'd like to be buried (and where) or cremated (and what to do with your ashes) and more. This means your family have a set funeral arranged when you pass so all they'd need to consider are things like writing an eulogy, flowers etc.

How to pre-plan your funeral

If you'd like to pre-plan your funeral, chat with our friendly team of Melbourne funeral directors at Brember Family Funerals. We have over 35 years of experience in the funeral industry and have helped thousands of Melbourne families to plan memorable and dignified funerals.

All your funds for your pre-planned funeral are held in independent trust accounts, so you know the money is safe and will be used specifically for your funeral costs when you pass. Also, if you're pre-paying your funeral in instalments and your circumstances change, you can stop the payments at any stage. The money already in that account will be held securely until needed.

So, to ease the emotional and financial burden on your family when you pass, arrange your funeral today with the exceptional team at Brember Family Funerals.

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