Call us “We know what to do”
Call us “We know what to do”

What happens before, during & after a funeral service?

Many people have never experienced planning a funeral, so are often left asking, 'What happens before, during and after the funeral service'.

You already have enough on your mind, so you can trust our caring and professional team of Melbourne Funeral Directors to guide you through the entire journey.

Supporting you and your family, we listen, plan and support you, staying by your side every step of the way.

The stages of planning a funeral service with a funeral director:

Before the funeral, our caring team of funeral directors support you by:
  • gently guiding you through all the steps of arranging a funeral service
  • assisting you to obtain all the necessary certificates
  • answering all of your questions (please ask us anything that pops into your mind)
  • being there for you and your family through this emotional time

As funeral directors, we have years of experience in supporting grieving families when they most need it.

We understand what you're going through and the many emotions that come with the death of a loved one. That's why we help you take some weight off your shoulders by planning a memorable funeral that celebrates their life and allows you to say goodbye in your own way.

What happens during the funeral service:

When the day of the funeral service arrives, you can trust that the team at Brember Family Funerals will be with you every step of the way.

Our caring funeral directors will:

With our years of experience, we aim to provide a calm, gentle presence as we attend to every matter. We're on hand to provide comfort to everyone who's attending the funeral service - mothers, fathers, children, family members & friends.

What happens after the funeral service:

After the funeral service has concluded (either at the service location or gravesite), we will give you our best wishes and leave you with your family and friends.

If you have organised a cremation service, we will be in touch with you when their ashes are ready to be collected.

During this time, if there's anything you need, please reach out to us.

When people attend a funeral, they often start thinking about how they'd like their funeral to be planned (from flowers, music, location and so on). The team at Brember can help you pre-plan a funeral so you know that when your time comes, your family know exactly what's happening. It's a great way to have peace of mind, knowing you've taken some of the emotion and thinking out of an already difficult time.

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