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Call us “We know what to do”

Sikh Funerals Melbourne

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Sikh funeral in Melbourne

If you need to plan a Sikh funeral, Antam Sanskaar, in Melbourne, our team of experienced funeral directors is here to help you plan a celebration of their soul. 

Understanding that you require a unique type of intimate service, we can arrange for your funeral to be held at many locations, including a home, gurdwara, outside or at a crematorium. 

Whether you'd like a private cremation funeral service or a burial funeral, our team are here to respect your wishes and Sikh traditions. 

Our understanding team will ensure your loved one is washed and dressed in the clothes you provide. We can also arrange the flowers that surround them. 

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About our Sikh funeral services

At Brember Family Funeral, we've helped many Sikh families with the last rite of passage for their family members. We are one of the highest-rated funeral homes in Melbourne and take great pride in catering for all religions, cultures and beliefs.

We offer:

  • Caring, dignified and affordable cremation options, including witness cremation if preferred
  • Helping you with all the necessary documentation
  • Bringing your deceased into our care and transporting them to the funeral location
  • A matte-finish coffin adorned with a small sheath of flowers
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Our Sikh funeral packages in Melbourne

We have a specially designed funeral package for Sikh families in Melbourne

To arrange a personalised that incorporates your traditions, please contact our team of highly-rated funeral directors. 

We're here to honour your traditions as you farewell the soul of your loved one and respectfully help them make their last rite of passage. 

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Affordable Funeral Packages in Melbourne

Baby & Children Funeral Packages
$895 incl GST
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Online Value Cremation Package
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The Dove Unattended Cremation
$1995 incl GST
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The Economy Packages
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The Rose Single Cremation / Burial Service
$5,500 incl GST
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The Tribute Burial /Cremation Service
$6,900 incl GST
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Reflections Package
$9500.00 inc Gst
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