Myths surrounding cremation

March 6, 2020

When a person is cremated the whole coffin, including the person within, is cremated individually. During the cremation process, the ashes are moved into a tray where they eventually cool. The ashes are removed and processed to remove any metal etc using a magnetic wand prior to being reduced to a fine granular texture in a machine called a cremulator and then placed in a rigid plastic container, labelled clearly and returned to the family.

The only items removed from the coffin prior to being placed in the cremator are metal coffin handles, any glass objects such as bottles, the nameplate off the coffin lid for identification throughout the cremation process and in some instances, the flowers.

Crematorium staff do not open the coffin; they record the details of the person being cremated from the nameplate the Funeral Director is required by law to place on the coffin.

The widely held fear is that ashes you get are mixed with other people cremated on the same day. This is simply not the case. Crematorium staff are professional people operating under strict procedures to ensure this does not happen.

The opening to the chamber of the cremator is only large enough to physically cremate one person at a time.

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