Why is MDF used to make coffins?

March 6, 2020

Traditionally, all coffins were made from solid timber. However, over time high-quality solid timber became more expensive and harder to source.

Paper-veneered MDF was introduced into coffin making because it gave the look of real timber grain without the cost of real timber.

Nowadays, MDF allows for a cheaper range of coffins to be produced that may be more affordable for some families.

Other benefits of MDF includes:

MDF is free of knots. Knots can occur naturally in some timber but are undesirable in coffin manufacture as they can cause weak points.
MDF is also strong but can be cremated and buried.
MDF can be cut, machined and sanded just like regular timber. This allows for more efficient production, as machinery can be used in our factory that is common to both MDF and solid timber coffin manufacturing.

Is MDF environmentally-friendly?

At Brember Family Funerals, we use a manufacturer that uses eZero MDF.

It is a more eco-friendly version than other forms of MDF and has lower formaldehyde emissions.

The MDF is produced from timber which is sourced from plantation radiata pine grown in Tumut in New South Wales and Gympie in Queensland.