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Brember Family Funerals pride themselves on delivering affordable funeral packages to suit every families needs.

We understand that no two funerals are ever the same, cultural requirements, religious needs and personal instructions left in wills or by mutual consent means that every funeral needs to be tailored to the individual.  Costs can also be a major factor and that is why Brember Family Funerals offer caring and compassionate funeral packages to suit every budget.

We come to you

Image of Chris and team member funeral home in BerwickHere at Brember Family Funerals Hampton Park, we understand the range of emotions that loved ones go through in when death occurs.

The range and power of these emotions, mostly negative emotions including shock, loss, anger and regret felt with positive feelings of love, joy, respect and gratitude can be overwhelming.”

Chris Brember, Managing Director of Brember Family Funeral’s, is recognised for his insightful wisdom and extensive experience to guide you through the challenges of funeral preparation and the loss of a loved one.

Chris and his team will come to you and provide a service that is unique to your family, your friends and to you. His ideas will give you the courage needed to gently navigate through this difficult time.”