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Cremation urns

Cremation urns become the final resting place of your loved one if you don’t scatter their ashes or inter them into a chosen location. At Brember Family Funerals, we understand that choosing a cremation urn is an important decision as it’s something you and your family will keep and cherish for years to come.

Our cremation urns in Melbourne

Our cremation urns are made from the highest quality materials and come in various finishes, including timber, ceramic and metal.

If you’ve chosen a cremation funeral, our funeral directors will show you our range of cremation urns when they meet with you to arrange a funeral. They can offer you popular options to help you narrow your selection and will listen to your needs to help you find a cremation urn that suits you and your family.

Many of our cremation urns are sourced from Final Touch Australia. They offer a vast selection of cremation urns in Melbourne, including eco-urns, ceramic, crystal and glass, timber and more. You can view their catalogue here.

Anakie Pottery is another one of our preferred cremation urn suppliers in Melbourne. We’ve been using their urns for many years because they are lovingly handmade and gorgeously presented. They offer various designs, including natural, floral, animal, landscape, sports, religious and more.

You can view samples of cremation urns below.

Timber coffin cremation or burial

Choosing a cremation urn - The process and steps

When our funeral directors meet with you, and you’ve chosen a cremation funeral, they will show you our catalogue of cremation urns.

Your options will be revealed, and the costs will be clearly laid out. We’ll also explain the other options, such as creating family keepsakes like personalised jewellery.

If you’ve chosen to scatter the ashes of your loved one, you can select a scatter urn designed for this purpose. There are also decorative urns that you can keep at home. Or you can choose a suitable cremation urn if you’ve chosen to inter your loved one into a final resting place (e.g. in a cemetery).

If you’d like to personalise the cremation urn with words or photos, please let us know, and we’ll show you what can be done.

Why choose Brember Family Funerals for cremation urns

Our team at Brember Family Funerals have been helping families plan funerals for many years. We’ve built solid relationships with our preferred suppliers and can source cremation urns that suit our families.

Knowing the importance of cremation urns, we stand by the quality and beautiful designs we can offer you.

As the cremation urn is the vessel to hold your loved one’s ashes, we’re here to help you make an informed decision so you find the perfect urn to suit your loved one.

Our team can also help you to personalise the urn you choose and will show you samples when we meet to arrange your loved one’s funeral.

If you’re choosing an urn to keep in your home, you’ll love the ‘In-Home Viewing App’ offered by our partner, Final Touch Australia. Their attention to detail in creating keepsakes is second to none and another reason why they are our preferred supplier of cremation urns in Melbourne.

Coffin Brown
Funeral service cremation or burial

Affordable cremation urns in Melbourne

With many cremation urns available, you can choose an urn to suit your budget.

If you’ve decided to scatter the ashes of your loved one, affordable scatter urns are available that hold your ashes until the time you have your scattering ceremony.

Please note that cremation urns are not included in your funeral package, which will be an additional cost. Our suppliers offer a wide variety to cater for all budgets and tastes, so our team will help you find a suitable urn.

Chat with our team today about selecting a cremation urn from one of our preferred partners for your loved one’s funeral.

Call us today to organise cremation urns in Melbourne

As we’ve been in the industry for many years, we stand by our cremation urn suppliers and know we can help you find one you’ll love. We’re here to help make decisions easy during this difficult time. Contact our team today.


Cremation urns FAQs

How do I choose the right cremation urn for my loved one?

Choosing the right cremation urn for your loved one is a deeply personal choice. Our team will show you the options available to you. Usually, an adult will require a large cremation urn, with 3.5L being the standard size. If you’d like the ashes split in half, it’s recommended to choose 2 medium-sized urns. You can choose the material, size and look of the cremation urn you desire.

Can I customise a cremation urn at Brember Family Funerals?

Yes, you can customise a cremation urn using our preferred suppliers of Brember Family Funerals. From adding names, dates and quotes to a photo or etched image, our team will show you the options for personalising a cremation urn for your loved one.

What types of materials are available for cremation urns at Brember Family Funerals?

The range of cremation urns we have at Brember Family Funerals come in timber, ceramic or metal materials. There’s a range of looks and colours available to choose from. You can choose a plain or decorated urn or personalise one.  

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