Call us “We know what to do”
Call us “We know what to do”

Cremation Services Melbourne

Melbourne funeral directors, Brember Family Funerals, have been helping families plan affordable cremation funerals for over 35 years. Led by Chris Brember, our caring and compassionate team is here to help you plan a cremation service in Melbourne that suits your needs and budget.

Our cremation services in Melbourne

When planning a cremation service in Melbourne, you can choose an affordable no-service cremation or a traditional funeral followed by a cremation service.

No-service (direct) cremation

A no-service or direct cremation allows you and your family to focus on honouring your loved one in a personal and intimate way.
Many families opt for a no-service cremation:

upon the request of the deceased
in tragic circumstances where they want to grieve alone
where funeral budgets are limited
when the deceased didn't have many people they were close to
It's private, intimate, respectful and affordable and allows you to celebrate your loved one's
life in a unique way.

Traditional funeral with a cremation service

A traditional funeral with a cremation service allows everyone to gather for a traditional funeral service, with the cremation following the service. This allows everyone to gather to say their farewells during the funeral service. Most people don't attend the cremation itself. However, a private cremation service can be arranged if requested.

Funeral Casket for burial and cremation services

Planning a cremation service - The process and steps

When your loved one passes, the first thing to do is call our experienced team of Melbourne funeral directors. From the first phone call, we'll be here to guide you through a cremation service in Melbourne.

We'll help you organise the following:

  • Transporting your loved one into our care
  • A cremation service that suits your budget
  • How your cremation service will run (full or no-service or private cremation)
  • Where the cremation service will be held
  • Obtaining a copy of the death certificate
  • The return of your loved one's ashes following the cremation service

With a range of affordable cremation services available, we'll help you plan a memorable cremation service that suits you and your family and honours your loved one's wishes.

Our compassionate team of Melbourne funeral directors understand it's not the easiest time in your life, and we're always on hand to listen and support you. Contact us today to plan a cremation service in Melbourne.

Why choose Brember Family Funerals for cremation services

When searching for a Melbourne funeral director you can 100% trust to care for your loved one, you can't go past Chris Brember and his team at Brember Family Funerals. Constantly receiving 5-star reviews for our service, our team take great pride in helping our families plan memorable cremation services.

To help you, we:

  • Listen to your wishes for a cremation service and do our utmost best to make them come true
  • Treat you and your loved one with respect and dignity at all times
  • Organise everything to allow you time to grieve with your loved one
  • Layout the costs upfront so there are no extra surprises
Affordable coffins for cremation or burial

Cremation services locations

As Melbourne funeral directors, we attend multiple funeral locations across Melbourne, including:

  • Major cemeteries: Bunurong Memorial Park, Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Lilydale Memorial Park, Fawkner Memorial Park & Altona Memorial
  • Chapels (all religions)
  • Churches (all religions)
  • Alternative venues (of your choice)

Our team happily travel to suburbs across Melbourne to meet our families, arrange transport of your loved one and plan a memorable cremation service.

Call us today to organise a cremation service in Melbourne


Frequently Asked Questions

How does cremation work?

Cremation is an alternative to a traditional burial and is a method that's been used for centuries. Cremation works by turning the body into ashes and bone fragments. The body (contained within a coffin) is slid into a furnace that burns with intense heat. The resulting ashes are collected and placed in an urn (or vessels of the family's choosing).

It's important to note variations in the cremation process may occur based on local regulations, cultural or religious practices, or the specific crematorium facility being used.

How long does a cremation take?

On average, a typical cremation process can take 1.5 to 3 hours. The duration of cremation varies depending on factors such as the size of the body, the type of cremation equipment used and the protocols of the crematory.

How much does a cremation cost?

The cost of a cremation service can vary, but cremations typically cost between $800 to $1300 depending on the cremation package you've chosen.

What is done with ashes following cremation?

The ashes are placed in an urn or another vessel following a cremation. The deceased family members choose the type of urn to be used, or the deceased may have specific this if they had pre-arranged their funeral. The urn containing the ashes can be kept in various locations, including a cemetery, columbarium, mausoleum, or the family home. Some people choose to create keepsakes or scatter ashes.

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