Call us “We know what to do”
Call us “We know what to do”

“Cheap funerals”. It’s not a dirty word in any sense of it.

Cheap Funerals – The thing to remember is that it does not matter how much money you spend on someone’s funeral , as it does not show how much you love them. If someone spends $20,000 on a funeral, it doesn’t mean that they love (and will forever miss) their loved one more than you if you arrange a cheap funeral for $1,500.

People who have said to us here at Brember Family Funerals, that they were under strict instructions from their loved one to spend as little on their funeral as possible.

You can still have the best possible funeral, with some trimmings without breaking the bank, giving your loved one a respectful, dignified funeral service.

At Brember Family Funeral we provide to our families a low cost option to choose from. We Believe in Affordable and Dignified Funerals in Melbourne. Brember Family funerals is committed to providing compassionate family services. We believe in personal attention and uncompromising quality and are very proud of our traditions and the personal services that we provide.

Whether you are planning to help your loved ones remember you or memorialising someone special in your life, contact Brember Family Funerals. We provide a full range of affordable funeral services in Melbourne. We have cremation and traditional funeral services at affordable and discounted prices. We provide the same quality care as provided by local traditional funeral homes.

If you have any query. Call us 
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