Call us “We know what to do”
Call us “We know what to do”

All-Female Funerals Melbourne

As highly rated female funeral directors in Melbourne, the caring and compassionate team at Brember Family Funerals is here to help you plan a memorable, respectful and dignified funeral service.

Our all-female funerals in Melbourne

You'll find our lovely team of female funeral directors are there for you every step of the way. From the moment you call, we're on hand to answer any questions you have and gently guide you through this process. Our compassionate nature allows you to open up, share your emotions, laugh and cry and ride the roller coaster of emotions you'll be feeling.

As experts in caring for grieving families, our all-female team of funeral directors are here to help you celebrate and honour the life of your loved one. With years of experience, we'll explain our funeral package options, help you make decisions and create a memorable funeral that's precisely what you want.

From choosing a burial or cremation, the coffin or urn, to music, readings, flowers, venues and more, let our team of all-female funeral directors help you plan the funeral so you have one less thing to think about.

Planning an all-female funeral - The process and steps

Our team of female funeral directors understand that planning a funeral may be the last thing you expect. We encourage you to lean on us for guidance and feel open to asking us any questions.

When your loved one passes, call us first, and our caring female funeral directors will help with the steps you need to take.

We'll help you organise the following:

  • Transporting your loved one into our care
  • Arranging either a burial or cremation service
  • The ins and outs of your service, including readings, flowers and so on
  • Where your funeral service and burial or cremation will be held
  • Obtaining a copy of the death certificate
  • The return of your loved one's ashes following a cremation service

If you'd prefer an all-female funeral, please let us know when you call. Owner Chris Brember can arrange for your funeral planning and service to be attended only by our female funeral directors.

For help planning a funeral, you can read our guide here.

Why choose Brember Family Funerals for all female funerals in Melbourne

Our female funeral directors at Brember Family Funerals know precisely what it takes to guide you through one of the most challenging times of your life. Our ears are open to listening to your needs, our minds are keen to help you create a memorable funeral, and our hearts are with your family during the funeral planning process.

It's our womanly understanding that often sets us apart. Never be afraid to ask for exactly what you want; we'll let you know if it's possible. We like to look at a funeral as a celebration of life. For example, if there's certain music your loved one always played that you want - let's do it!

Our female funeral directors pride themselves on their commitment to you and your family, their compassion to get you through, and their professionalism to know everything will go as planned. With years of experience and industry knowledge, our amazing ladies will provide you with all the guidance and support you need to arrange a funeral for your loved one. And our all-female funeral director team do their best to treat you with care, respect and dignity at all times.

You'll find our care begins with the first phone call, and we're on hand to answer all your questions throughout the entire time. We aim to help you create the perfect funeral honouring your loved one's life.

Contact us today and chat with one of our nurturing female funeral directors.

Funeral service cremation or burial

Affordable all-female funerals for all budgets

Our team of female funeral directors understand the cost of a funeral can strain families, especially if the death is sudden or unexpected.

If your loved one didn't have a pre-paid funeral, speak to us about planning a funeral that meets your budget.

Chris Brember, the owner of Brember Family Funerals, is known for his compassion and has created a range of affordable funeral services to help grieving families in Melbourne.

Our most popular, affordable all-female funerals include:

All-female funeral locations

Our team of female funeral directors are located in Hallam; however, we travel to multiple suburbs and funeral locations across Melbourne.

We're more than happy to travel to suburbs across Melbourne to meet your family to plan a funeral, arrange transport of your loved one into our care and conduct a funeral service at your chosen location.

Our all-female funeral locations include:

  • Major cemeteries: Bunurong Memorial Park, Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Lilydale Memorial Park, Fawkner Memorial Park & Altona Memorial
  • Chapels (all religions)
  • Churches (all religions)
  • Alternative venues (of your choice – public halls, parks etc.)
Burial services Melbourne

Call us today to organise an all-female funeral in Melbourne

Call our team of female funeral directors in Melbourne first for expert guidance on planning a memorable funeral, along with a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why plan an all-female funeral?

Although you'll find all our funeral directors highly knowledgeable and caring, some families prefer to request an all-female funeral. This may be for many reasons, including personal comfort levels, religious or cultural beliefs, or at the request of your loved one.

Are there specific rituals or traditions followed in an all-female funeral?

An all-female funeral can follow any specific rituals or traditions that you request. These include cultural funerals such as Hindu or Sikh funerals, Samoan, Maori or Pacific Islander funerals and more.

What options are available for all-female funerals?

When planning an all-female funeral, you have all our options available to choose from, including burial or cremation funerals. You can ask for a female funeral director to meet with your family, arrange the funeral service you choose, attend the funeral and be on hand to help you with things you need after the funeral service.

How long does it take to plan an all-female funeral?

Once you've called us, one of our female funeral directors will visit you to plan your funeral service within a day or two. Our team understands that some funerals must be held quickly for cultural reasons, so we work as quickly as needed to help you with all the arrangements. If your family needs extra time (to allow overseas relatives to attend), please speak to us.

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