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Call us “We know what to do”

Planning a funeral for your precious stillborn baby.

How to navigate saying goodbye to your beautiful stillborn baby at a funeral.

The shock and heartache of hearing your precious baby is stillborn may be one of the toughest things a parent can experience. 

If you've recently lost your baby due to stillbirth, please accept our warmest condolences. We understand that planning a funeral for your stillborn baby is the last thing you want to imagine, but know that our caring team of funeral directors are here to help you navigate this difficult time.

How old does a baby need to be buried?

Any baby who is born after 20 weeks gestation, or over 400 grams, must have a funeral director appointed to their care. At Brember Family Funerals, our caring and compassionate funeral directors treat your baby with respect and love, letting them know they're not alone and helping you plan the best farewell for your beautiful baby. 

How does a stillborn baby's funeral work? 

The way that you choose to say goodbye to your stillborn baby is completely up to you. It's our job as funeral directors to do what we can to help you celebrate your love for your little one. 

You have many options available:

  • Private funerals for a small and intimate setting
  • Public funerals to allow others to come and support you during this difficult time
  • Cultural funerals to say goodbye to your baby in a traditional manner
  • Church, chapel or graveside funerals to find a place you feel safe in
  • No funeral at all 

If you choose a burial for your stillborn baby, you can choose a special coffin and a memorial plaque to be included with your choice of the grave. For cremations, you can choose a special keepsake urn or decide if you'd prefer to scatter their ashes at your unique special place.

At Brember Family Funerals, we understand that making decisions at this time may be hard. Our team are here to guide you through the process, giving you options, listening to your needs, and helping you plan the best farewell possible. 

How much does a stillborn baby's funeral cost?

Our funeral services for stillborn babies start from $695 (inc. GST). We can tailor our packages to suit you as a family. 

To help struggling families, our team partners with the Rebecca Jane Foundation, which may be able to offer you some financial support. Please feel free to ask us about this service, and we'll contact them on your behalf. 

How to start planning your stillborn baby's funeral?

When you're ready to organise a beautiful funeral for your precious stillborn baby, we're here to support you. Please contact us here, or call us on 0429 920 241. 

We know all the steps that need to be taken, and we'll help this be one less thing you need to think about right now. 

If you have any query. Call us 
0429 920 241
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